About Us

PersianCarpetWarehouse.com was established in US in year 1999 as a distributor of genuine hand knotted Persian rugs. It comes from three generation of rug making.

PersianCarpetWarehouse.com was the first to offer wholesale priced Persian Rugs directly to individual consumers across the US, CANADA and Europe using International satellite TV (Persian language Persian TV 1). For some time now PersianCarpetWarehouse.com consistently has been the number one seller of handmade Persian Rugs. About 60 percent of our customers have been rug dealers across US and Canada. Due to customer demand and to allow more people to enjoy Persian rugs at wholesale price, we decided to list part of our rug collection on this online store.

Our philosophy has been to buy good quality handmade Persian rugs directly from the source and offer them at lowest price. This has resulted in a long list of loyal customers.

Why PersianCarpetWarehouse.com is able to offer quality Persian Rugs at such a low price is the fact that our long established history as rug maker, distributor and exporter has put us in a position that we are able to collect quality rugs from the source first hand with no middleman and then we keep our overhead to minimum at all time. That is how we have sold more than 300,000 persian rugs.


8559 Canoga Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91304
TEL: 1(310) 375-1212
FAX: 1(310) 375-1244
[email protected]
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